Brian Perlis: Traditional & Vibrational Astrology


...and let me tell you a little about myself and more importantly what astrology can do for you!

  • Natal Chart interpretations and reports – learn the astrological energy you were born with, what makes up your personality and how they effect you.
  • Family chart interpretations – Understand Family dynamics
  • Relationship charts and interpretations – How does astrology factor into your relationship and are you two compatible?
  • Helping to pick the best day and time to plan important events
  • Where and when is the best place or time to live/move/vacation, go to school or find work?
  • Transit reports – find out what is going on in the sky and how it effects your unique birth chart.
  • One year forecasts. Get your own personal horoscope for the next year.
  • Understand what is happening in your life and around the world.

I offer extremely affordable rates for an astrologer. I do 30 minute readings for 50$ and you can schedule an appointment at your convenience using the appointment button on the right. I take payments through paypal. If I am online I am immediately available for an appointment.

If you have any questions on my services, have a simple question about astrology or any other inquiries feel free to chat with me on Skype at Brian_Perlis or use the messenger service with this website on the bottom right of the screen.

I also offer personal astrologer services where for a $200 fee you may ask up to six email questions anytime you want over the next year. This is a very economical way of having your own personal astrologer on call for you!

I know how daunting astrological jargon can be so unless requested all readings will be done in an easy to understand two way conversation that is aimed at giving you the results you want.

I like to say that Astrology is the underlying law of at least us here on earth. If you have a question or difficulties astrology can almost always help by understanding the planetary energies you were born with, the planetary energies that are happening right now and how best to utilize them for your benefit.

Most people when they want to talk to an astrologer they have questions now. I try to make myself available for you so that you can get the answers you need right now and not two weeks later.

How it works: start a conversation with me :). I'll get your birth information and start running your chart data while you pay with paypal (so it does not go against your time) and together we'll see what the planetary energies have to say.

Check to see if I am online right now.

If you would like a FREE copy of your natal chart message me with your day and time of birth, city you were born in and email where I can send your chart.